Monday, April 20, 2015

Bush Camp

This past weekend I had the arguable privilege of being a parent/volunteer/cook for my son's air cadet spring bush camp. It was really a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to know the kids. However, cooking for 70 doesn't make for the most relaxing weekend!

The camp is a 2-hour drive north, where it was noticeably colder. It rained the first night which left things damp and chilly. The lake was still iced over. The parent/volunteer/cooks got cabins and did not have to build hoochies like the kids ... however the cabins were not exactly toasty. I already know to wear socks and a few layers to bed, but after a freezing first night, I learned a little more: 1) wear a toque to bed. 2) wrap the extra blanket tightly around your body, then get in the sleeping bag and zip it up. In the future, I will also invest in some really warm thermal long underwear. The wood stove looks very appealing, but in reality the heat quickly dissipates through the canvas walls and ceiling. One lady bravely got up in the middle of the night to restart the fire, but it made almost no difference.

I was a little worried about bears, but after hearing the sound of 60 teenagers in the woods, my fears quickly evaporated. I'm sure all the bears left the vicinity as quickly as they could.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekly Top Shot - Everyone's Friend

A very friendly dog at the Long Lake Outdoor Education Centre,
who very much enjoyed getting attention from 60 kids this weekend.

Weekly Top Shot #171